Fixture Builder - strange things while creating LED profile

I'm trying to create a 12ch profile in fixture builder for some new LED's we just got. The profile does some very strange things...
I am absolutely a fixture builder novice, so maybe I just don't understand some of it. (Fixture is a Chauvet Freedom Par Hex 4)

As far as I can tell each profile has: dmx channels, the function(s)/features for each channel, the dmx value and the corresponding "real world" display value.
Unless I'm mistaken, the Functions are just labels/categories decided by HES and help determine what features you can select from.
These functions should only affect the channel they are assigned to, and the features simply tell the board what range to expect.

So, if channel 1=Red, 2=green, 3=Blue (for example), and I assign CH2 a Red function with the proper values and save the fixture...
I should get Green when I turn up the encoder(labeled Red) on the board. However, I dont. I get Red. Even though the Red function is assigned the green channel, I still get the correct color. What the heck??

The reason i'm pursuing this is that certain channels in the profile are not available as specific function/features in the Builder.
For example I have a 6 color LED, so I need UV. It has Color, but no intensity function. Why can't i just pick an acceptable label in the correct function type and use that. I know that whatever the label says is actually something else...

Also, I've gotten as far as having all 6 colors programmed in, and even working on the more advanced channels.
But then I'll go to test it, and I get my RGBAW colors, and master intensity. But the UV will be grayed out on the programmer. I have no control....
Same exact setup as the other channels, but the console decided that channel was not programmable?
And i can wake this happen on other colors too, still using the same profile options...

I feel like I'm missing a step or something silly that unlocks these mysteries, because as far as I can tell, I'm entering things correctly...
Any tips or assistance would be great, and thank you!


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2015
    Hi, try adding a Color Dash Batten Hex 8 13 channel to your show, it doesn't need to be patched, just added in the Fixture Schedule. In the Fixture Builder press COPY FROM and select this fixture. After looking in the Chauvet manual channel 6 is also UV in this fixture. You can look and see how it is done here with just a continuous color channel. You can actually use this as a base and just make the necessary changes to create the new fixture.
  • Mike79Mike79 Registered User
    HI,I'm trying to update the roadhog4 but I can't open the new software that I downloaded, can you help me please!thank you
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited June 2019
    Hello, please make a new post for your issue in the Software Discussion page.
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