struggling with an a.leda b-eye K10

hey there,
i'm trying to get some b-eyes to work in shapes mode.
first thing is: the K10 library in the actual 2.7.0 contains 34 channels although the fixture has 35.
trying to workaround by using the K20 library... but still i'm not accessing all the different shapes...
the console lets me control several values for macro, rate, xfade, offset, time and BG pattern( what is this?), but how am i supposed to use all the shapes via these encoder options?
am i missing something?
did somebody work with the b-eyes in shape-mode on a hog4 and can post me a quick-and-dirty tutorial?
thanx, Dennis


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2015
    Hi, you may check with, I have sent an email letting them know about it as well. Looking at the B-Eye DMX tables it seems the K20 Shapes is the same DMX layout as the K10 Shapes and may work. Of course I may be wrong but worth a try if you need them working.
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