Fixture builder RGB LED

Hello everybody,

Last night i had a very strange problem (bug maybe?)

In the fixture builder i made a copy of the Generic RGB Led fixture and store it with another name.
I didn't made any changes to the fixture at all.

The orginal Genergic RGB LED has a virtual dimmer, but my copy doesn't...
Why is that? And how can i add a virtual dimmer to a fixture?



  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    Yes, the virtual dimmer can only be added by the Fixture Builder people. I wanted the same thing a few years ago because I use some RGB fixures, and also Color Forces with the Magic Amber 3 channel mode. I wanted the types to be different so I could build a red palettes and it would know the difference between a red built with RGB and a red built with RBG + magic amber.

    They built a copy for the profile for me which includes the virtual dimmer that I call RGB Magic Amber

    Here's the profile:
  • AhmedAhmed Registered User
    Thanks for your comment ShrunkenNed!
    I don't understand why Highend doesn't want to give us the ability to add a virtual dimmer.....

    The same story with exporting custom made fixture profiles, instead of importing from another showfile.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    It is not that dont want to give us that option, it is that the fixture builder is not made for this (at the moment)
    Due to the fact with all the real world values and how the console handles them internally all virtual parameters and new parameters needs to be done by HES.
    A new and more flexible fixture-builder is logged. Also to the fact to have a lot of consistency in the libs and that fixture exchange works propper it is always the best to have them made by HES.
    I know most of the times you need it for short notice.
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