Looking to get Hog4 PC to receive MIDI Timecode via loopMIDI


I have Hog4 PC running and I'm trying to get the software to continuously receive the MIDI timecode signal I'm sending via loopMIDI on the same PC. In the Control Panel I have loopMIDI selected as my input source. When I open up the timecode toolbar, I can see timecode numbers being received but it's intermittent and does not follow the signal I'm sending. Thirty frames are received then it stops for a few minutes and then resumes a few minutes later, matching the timecode source for another 30 frames then stops again. I know the timecode I'm sending is processing correctly because I have another software source on my PC that "sees" the timecode source via loopMIDI without a problem. Has anyone had any experience with receiving timecode via loopMIDI and/or any other method that doesn't require external nodes?



  • AhmedAhmed Registered User
    I had exactly the same problem a few months ago.
    I thought that internal midi via Loopmidi on a hog4pc in a network with a Roadhog4 a cheap solution is to get timecode into the console.

    I wasn't able to solve the problem en used a timecode node, much easier.
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