Hog 3 sw. 3.26 with a DP8000

on a hog 3 installed 3.26 thru a full install from 3.19
does anybody know if its normal that the screens turn white when logging in a show ?
also when i want to use the fixture builder the console chrashes instant.
are these know issue's or is something wrong with my console ?



  • Hi Alex,

    It is plausible the screen will momentarily flash white when launching a show file as the signal is refreshed.

    The Fixture Builder can be 'trying' at times to use. It is crucial to have all the right information inserted into the fiture builder which most times is not provided by DMX protocol.

    I recommend letting us build profiles for you.

    To request a fixture library please send an email to:
    hoglibraries@highend.com  (request may take up to 14 days to complete)
    Please attached the DMX protocol to the email and note any specific mode you require.
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