Hog 3 PC Midi Notes Not working?

Hello. I have tried to setup midi notes for my Hog3 pc setup, but I can't seem to get anything working. I have midi input turned on, the input device is set correctly, midi notes is turned on, the channel is correct, and I have tried setting the destination to "Console Playback Bar", and "Playback Bar 1". I don't know if it makes any difference, but the midi source is a midi keyboard. I used a piece of software called virtualKeys from tobias-erichsen.de, to confirm that the midi keyboard is in fact inputting midi data on the correct channel, and everything checks out. Everything seems to be fine, but when I press the midi notes, I can't trigger any of the buttons. I have even pressed every single key on the keyboard to make sure I wasn't pressing the wrong key, but I got nowhere. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  • Hello,

    Historically we do not allow for MIDI Notes IN to Hog 3PC as well as Hog 4PC. MIDI Notes IN only works for stand-alone consoles.
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