Waveform Editor / Color Effect

Hey, right now I'm trying to do an Blue/Amber Color FX with Hue and Saturation parameters.
Saturation at 100%
FX on Hue: Stepform with Size of 80 between 240° and 400° (40°)
In result this gives me a Stepping Blue/Amber FX. But I want it more to fade between Blue and Amber, but a Sinewave is too much fade.
What I would need is an attack/decay parameter for the Step form.

Is there any other possibility to fade between the 2 values?



  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    Shortening the effect length while on Sinewave (or sawtooth) should help if I'm correct?
    Don't have a hog near me to make sure.
  • PhasmPhasm Registered User
    Shortening the effect lenght doesn't help, because after the sine (or sawtooth) is finished, then the value stays at 50% until the next cycle and so it's in the middle of the 2 values.
  • Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
    Try a saw tooth
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