updating problem

our hog3 is running ver 3.1.9 dp2000, and now I got dp8000 and I'm having a problem in upgrading the board. I already download the next ver which is ver 3.2.0 and I burn it on cd but the board is still looking for fpspkg files.


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    You need to use the FULL INSTALL (.iso) file.
    This has to be burned as an image to a CD-R, making it a boot-able disc.

    Once that is done, make sure the disc is in the CD drive. Power on the console while holding the ENTER button down. This should give you a menu at the Hog III boot screen. Select the option for Full Install. and Enter, and then confirm.

    Hope this helps,
  • markiemarkie Registered User
    Hi Bro,
    Thanks a lot upgrade is done sir.
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