Fixture Profile for Elektralite ML602

I am in desperate need of a fixture profile for the Elektralite ML602. I attempted to build my own, but it's my first try at building a custom fixture and I did something wrong because the fixtures are not responding correctly. I haven't been able to find a profile for a Hog operating system. One exists for a ETC format, but no HES board. Has anyone built one that works? Or, if there another existing fixture profile that I can modify or subsitute?

Please help, show is on this Sunday, Feb 1st.



  • Always worth a check:
    To download the latest individual library files not yet included in a full library file go here:
    To request a fixture library please send an email to:
    hoglibraries(at)highend.(dot)com  (request may take up to 14 days to complete)
    Please attached the DMX protocol to the email and note any specific mode you require.
    Hope this helps,
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