White Point LED vs. Arc

it would be really great to define the open white for led fixtures.
This is going to be really important for v3.0.
Pixel mapping without defined white looks rose at the moment.
Cheers, Martin


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    Not sure this needs to be taken care of at the "white point". Different brands of LEDs are all going to have vastly different "white points". If you are simple running intensity though pixel mapping then using a "true white" color palette in addition is going to be a far better solution especially with mixed rigs.
  • LightmartinLightmartin Registered User, Hog Beta
    Did you already see the pixel mapping?
    You will be able to run videoclips over your rig, that´s absolutely amazing.
    That´s why I´m asking for the white point thing.
    Same with this:
    A tour show is programmed with arc fixtures... now you´re at a festival with led washes. Everything is fine with palettes, but not a fx from CMY 0% to maybe Red
    Cheers, Martin
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    I can't comment on anything related to pixel mapping on the console at the moment......
    Totally understand the scenario though having done more festivals than I care to remember.
    You are more concerned about "white" in a piece of content correct?
    I would think simply applying an overall "correction" CMY palette on top of the content would fix the problem quickly and easily since it will be more than just White that looks wrong.

    If not, this sounds like the type of thing I would address via "Offset" under "Edit Fixtures" typically.
    Similar in nature to when some festival hangs all their VLs 90 off from "normal"....just put a +90 or -90 Offset to Pan and you are good to go, except you do it for CMY on your LEDs.
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