Can I get Gobo Media Previews on Beam Palettes

I have multiple moving lights, and would like to see the Media Picker previews graphically on my individual gobo palettes in the Beam Directory. The graphic previews do in fact show up in the Media Picker.

How can I get these graphics on my Gobo palettes instead of (or even with) the standard text describing the gobo?



  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    At this point you cannot have thumbnails on palettes.
  • BrianCBrianC Registered User
    edited January 2015
    Thanks for the response Leggy. Much appreciated. I have a workaround solution documented below for others that may want the same thing. You'd think gobo previews on gobo palettes would be a simple thing, and a common request, but it's OK for now. Maybe some day right?

    What I decided to do is replace my Beam Directory window with the Media Picker window. Basically the Beam Directory is "mostly" useless unless you have an intelligent fixture selected. Now, after doing the Refresh Media function for all my fixtures, I can see the gobo previews in the Media Picker window. If I select a fixture, I can click on the media previews (Gobo 1, Gobo 2, Prism, Color, Strobe, etc), and actually program with them, which is what I wanted.

    It doesn't replace ALL of the functions of the Beam Directory window, such as stored settings for non-slotted functions like: focus, gobo rotation, prism rotation, animation settings, etc... But I created another Desktop View with a full Beam Directory window for that purpose.

    If you can't see gobo previews for your fixtures, you can download the latest fixture library from HES, and do the refresh media function on your fixtures. Also there are instructions in the manual for how to create and replace the media previews for any custom gobos you might have installed. Hope this helps anyone looking for the same thing I was.

    Cheers, and happy programming.
  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    The problem with this is it means you are now programming with raw data rather than palettes, which will be an issue if you need to update your show at a later date. This would be especially nasty if you need to change type at any point. It is advisable to not have raw data stored in any cues (or scenes) but to always use palettes.
  • BrianCBrianC Registered User
    Good point. Now I want gobo previews on my gobo palettes again. Damn.
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