no output on DL2

i have a strange problem with a DL2 after replacing the hard drive , i have reimaged it using the disks on this site it will show a test video and will show outputs is i set the control mode to 253 (shows the 4 layers next to eact other , i have the global intensity to full iris open , the opacity set to full but no output

i have noticed in the status it says the motion system is in shutdown , any idea what that means


  • Hello,

    Do you see graphics output if you put the fixture into a video self-test pattern?

    When you replaced the HDD, and did the system restore, did the fixture attempt to run a firmware update? You would know this as it would show on the menu display as well as the green Status LED would flash. If yes, did the unit ever get powered off during this update?

    You could try updating SW and see if you can force a firmware update.
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