Intensity effects are baffling me.

I have a bunch of moving lights (type seems irrelevant) and I am trying to program falling rain. I can apply an inverse ramp wave to their tilt and record it in a cue, and they will tilt indefinitely. I try to assign a step wave to their intensity, so that they turn on for the down swing and then turn off for the up swing. Easy idea,

I appy the step, (lights need to be at 50% so the 100% step size makes them go full on and then full off) I synchronize it with the offset and length and they go on and off perfectly top make the rain effect. But each time I record the cue, things seem normal, I press CLEAR to program the next step and as soon as I do, the lights go to 50% and stay there. The cue intensity values are somehow overriding the attempts of the effect to control them.

What really baffles me is that the tilt works fine, and I am following the same procedure. I tried programming and not programming an intensity into the cue, and I get the same results every single time... Good results during effect programming and back to 50% each time I record cue and press CLEAR. I am using the cue while I am recording it, so I instantly see the results each time.

I have done this type of thing successfully before a number of times, albeit a while back. I am missing something. What am I doing wrong?
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