Color Selection fade Time

I use a HedgeHog4 at a venue that has lots of LED's washing a stage. Can I set a delay time when selecting colors in the color filters so there is a 2 second crossover time between colotrs. At present the colors snap over. I do a lot of simple busking with no running sheets so have to wing it.
Can you also use a delay when selecting fixtures, rather than manually fading up with the wheel.


  • JontrincasJontrincas Registered User
    If you run your colours from scenes i personally run a macro for fade times. For example if i had 6 colours on scenes from scene 1-6 the macro key stroke would be as follows ( SCENE 1 THRU 6 TIME ) i then end the macro there and do a step time of 0.01 seconds. This then allows you to just enter a number value on the keypad and hit enter then select which colour you want to fade....
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