Hue/ Saturation Effects

I've been having issues getting the effects engine to work for me while programming colors into Leds as a hue/saturation effect.Position and intensity effect work as expected. With the hue effect, Ill get a look I want on stage and when I save it and then play it back from a cue the colors are never as I saw them in the programmer. I made sure to set a pallette as a base color as well as setting the hue saturation values first and then make a simple step into a another color. The CMY effects seem to work as expected. Any thoughts where I may be going wrong? Also why does the desk list (only on some personalities) RGB as intensity parameters, and CMY as well as H/S for color parameters on a led fixture?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited December 2014
    CMY and HS are the color parameters that will always be there. This is du to the real world values the console works with. With LED fixtures you will get also RGB Intensity. The console automatically calculates the CMY values for your RGB fixture.
    HS is the color modell that works no matter what type of color mixture your fixture uses, a hue of 0° and 100% saturation is in all worlds (no matter of print, film, light etc) the same color. So this is why we have it.
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