internal dmx widget: not detected?!

Just upgraded my RH4 to 2.5 from 2.4. I believe I had output at first but after some power cycles i lost all internal dmx out. I connected a superwidget and thankfully can run the show temporarily...
Does anyone have any input that could help??. I know with the holiday that HES most likely won't be open for support til Monday at least.
Since i initially had dmx out, I'm gonna assume I made a fatal mistake somewhere and "disabled" the internal widget. I just don't know how and more importantly, how to reenable it. Thanks. And to be certain on this, artnet will or will not run direct from the super widget via a 5pin to cat5? Or do I need something else in line like a pathport? Only thing Ive really lost for the show is video(running it manually).


  • lessergreaterlessergreater Registered User
    Further inquiry. What is the debug toolbar? I had opened it accidentally through playing with shortcuts and I don't know if there's anything it can do for me, or possibly against me? Since I'm not fully convinced that this is a software update issue, is there something on that toolbar that would disable an internal dp? I ignored it when it was first up because I was working on recording new macros. I'm now fearing that this may be the root of the problem possibly?
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    I believe when you start a new show and open the settings at the bottom the page you can enable/disable the internal DP.
    If this is the case I would then re-start the console afterwards and see if the internal widget returns,
    I may be talking about Hog 3 S/W only as I haven't got Hog 4 S/W to hand..

    Failing that a full ISO usually works ,back up all shows prior to a full install.

    Best C
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Should have said "before " you start a new show on the main splash screen.
  • lessergreaterlessergreater Registered User
    Yeah, that had already been checked out. Unfortunately it's a problem beyond that.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Did you get your internal widget outputting?
    Is the widget mapped?

    That toolbar is more for trouble shooting.
    This is something we use here in the lab and if we need extra information we will ask the user to open this toolbar.
  • lessergreaterlessergreater Registered User
    I contacted someone at tech support. He assured me that I couldn't have disabled drivers. Had me pop the board open and check connections. I'm guessing either A)widget coincidentally died, B) PSU connection is bad, or C) the data connection between the widget and motherboard is bad. I only had a few minutes to check it out and didn't get to power it up while it was opened yet. Its relieving to know that its improbable for a user to "break" hardware via software, but its still a bit inconvenient to rely on an external H3 super widget.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Glad tech support talked to you.
    If everything is plugged in and you get no lights on the widget itself then yes you might have a bad part.
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