Two Hog 4PC's and MTC

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Hey! So here's my situation: for our Christmas Eve service at my church I need to run a backup console. On a normal weekend we use a Hog 4PC with a set of Playback and Programming Wings as well as a Super Widget. For Christmas Eve, I'm bringing in a second Hog 4 PC and another Super Widget and using a toggle switch to select the active Super Widget. I send MIDI TimeCode and MIDI Triggers to the Hog to fire cues and synchronize my lighting cues to the music/videos on special occasions.

My question is this: since we're planning on doing a lot of backing tracks and videos I need to send MTC to both consoles, correct? Will sending MTC to both cause them to behave oddly when they're both receiving a signal? Obviously, they will both need to receive it in the event that one of the consoles fail.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated!


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    If the two PCs are not networked together and they are basically two separate machines, it should be fine. You didn't mention networking and with both PCs having individual super widgets it isn't necessary if Midi is controlling everything. Keeping it simple and running individual Midi runs to both PCs shouldn't interfere with each other. You will need to copy the show from one PC and load onto the other and manually get both ready, but it may be less complicated than networking the two PCs.
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