BAD RH USB Restore image posted on FPS

Hello Forum Members,
its been a long while since i've posted.. so here goes..

I've been trying to download the USB restore image for my console and i repeatedly keep getting a bad download. Once i download the USB IMG file and proceed to check its md5, the md5 hash that "I GET" does not match the hash thats posted next to the USB ZIP file.

Seeing that i keep getting the same bad hash over and over, I'm pretty sure the posted file has changed in some way and that its bad since it does not match its MD5.

I contacted support the week before last and went round and round with a support agent (who i will not name here.) via email and i feel this issue got swept under the rug. I felt like he just got tired of dealing with me. The support agent told me to just use the bad download which i feel is not a good thing. he also told me that he installed the usb image on the console he had there and it works fine.

Well i have serious issues with that because he's asking me to install a image that has obviously changed from its original state, and its unconfirmed WHAT has changed. Also how can i confirm that what i download is the same as what he's using without an MD5. My main issue is that IF i were to install the bad image and it crashes during a production, its going to put me and my company in a really bad situation.

the reason its vital that i get this usb image is because the Roadhog3 has no cdrom drive and a usb cdrom drive is something i do not travel with. if i were to put it in the truck it would be lost stolen or broke within a couple of weeks.

Hash as posted on FPS :
694b8f8337ec7e81e203e876ae0089f8 *

The Hash I get after REPEATEDLY downloading the ZIP file :
770E6EA69B5F3A6F725C3753163C066A *

I just downloaded the ISO Disk Image for cd/dvd and found that it IS NOT corrupt. Can someone at HES please make a new usb image from the good iso and post new image/MD5. Please. Thankyou!

Console: Road Hog 3
Last 4 digits of S/N : 7001

Thanks Mikeal Baughman
Production Manager
Meza Audio Productions


  • Hi Mikeal,

    I was the support agent who was trying to help you. And this wasn't a matter of being 'swept under the carpet' as I had our Head of Hog Software Development break away from HOG 4 and look into it. I thought I had relayed this information back to you, but going back though my email, I did not. My apologies. Please understand that the HES support guys tend to go above and beyond to help everyone out, but we aren't perfect in our efforts, but it's always the goal.

    Turns out you were correct regarding the checksum being incorrect. However the .zip file has exactly the same content as the ISO file, so the data in the USB file is good.

    He did a binary compare of all files in the two versions, and they exactly the same. We believe the MD5 of the .zip file was just bad.

    Hope this offers some resolution.

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