External touch screen

next week comes my new Fullboard 4, now i have 2 touch screens
- ProLite T1932MSC-B1 LINK
now is my question whether they are supported??
can somebody help me :-)
or is there a list of screens supported??


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    There is a small list of screens in the Hog 4 manual, but I asked this question recently and HES said that any touchscreen that does not require a driver to be installed should work.

  • Roman2040Roman2040 Registered User
    Hi guys. I connected Planar CT2235 touch monitor to my Roadhog4 and touch doesn't work.
    Need help. Anyone ?
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Wait for the 3.7 upgrade there will be a lot more touchscreens working.
    Also when we get the new linux kernel almost all touchscreens will work
  • Roman2040Roman2040 Registered User
    O thanks. Good news. Do you have any idea when 3.7 might happen? Can't wait. Check out Planar CTP2235 !
    Great features and baseless look amazing. Too pity touch does not work....
  • Roman2040Roman2040 Registered User
    Hey guys. If you are reading this please help me to get a driver for my Planar PCT2235 touch screen monitor.
    I really hoped to get this in new 3.7 update but it didn't happened... :( Also I was suggested to post a request for driver and I could not find it here. Please help ! Thanks !
  • jeffalgejeffalge Registered User
    Hey Anyone ,
    Ive Got the New Hedgehog 4x and a Dell 2014 Tt touchscreen (which is listed as compatible ) but Cannot get touchscreen functioning on the external monitor .
    Any suggestions Im running 3.8 version of Hog 4.
    Cheers Jeff Lord-Alge
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