Provide Access to More Options in the Spreadsheet View for Scenes

I would be nice if more of the options available when opening a scene were available when viewing in spreadsheet mode. I was using the spreadsheet mode for editing the comment macros and wished I could have changed the Release/Assert times, Playback Priority and Pile-Add Effects options without opening every scene and pressing the options button. I realize not every option from the Scene, Master and Main tabs would make sense but I am sure there are many where the interface would be intuitive. The same type of examination could be done for the cuelist options.

This came about as I was editing dozens of scenes to change the scene reference number on RS commands all because I chose to reorganize my scene positions, and therefore numbers, in the directory. I know I have already requested the feature to allow some way to specify that the reference should auto-update when the scene, cuelist, etc. was moved but I thought it was a good time to bring it up again. :)

Kevin Montagne
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