HoG 500 Effect engine fault

FrostAJFrostAJ Registered User
We are running a Hog 500 from the end of the production run 2007-08. Suddenly an alert is coming up when Pressing Pig-Effect to pull up the effects engine:
" Hog 500 Alert
($Revision 12$)(637)
JANDS2v3.3(177)Internal error-Pop Up
Menu Couldn't find outside area."
The left Pig button pulls up the Cuelist when depressed-not normal.
Pig effect gets the above error.
Software replacement and clean starts aren't fixing this.
The event monitor shows a lot of other functions when the PIG button is depressed. Wheels and other buttons are noted.
Effect library was coming up on the screen for the past couple of days but not working.
now only the error appears.
"Pig choose" operates just fine for programming/ editing cues.
If I call up the auto menu after patching some fixtures a message appears: "REPLACE EXISTING AUTO MENUS"
Replacing auto menus is not on option on any visible screens . . .
Controller is otherwise operating and programming normally.
Just the issues in the effects engine are apparent.
Has anyone seen the above alert / problem.
I'm almost ready to combine this unit with another half working 500.
AJ Frost
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