Volunteer (For Church) need advice

Volunteering at Church and feel it would be really bad karma to mess up setting while I learn my way around. [-O< 2 quick questions:

1. Is there a freeware visualizer that would let me setup Hog4PC at home and "play around" with an export of the current environment in the Church?, barring that -
2. Is there a simple way to create a copy of current environment on Church system which I can immediately restore if I do something stupid? Or even better work on copied environment?


  • dbxdevildbxdevil Registered User
    This should work the same way for you as it did for me:

    First of all, press the backup key on the lower right corner of the console to backup the current show.

    You can copy the show by going to Setup > Shows > Backup. Choose a new name for "your" show.
    Log off of the console, then go to Launch Existing Show. Choose your show file, and it will come up in the same place you left off.

    This way you can keep settings that are there without having to recreate the whole entire show.

    Other HES Forum users please correct me if I'm wrong here.

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