Issues found with Trackspot - Poor Movement and error tones

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edited October 2014 in HES Automated Lighting
After receiving back our 4 trackspots from a repair shop, we have discovered that one of them was making error tones that prevented the entire light from responding to a self-test or a respond to dmx. Another refused to respond to dmx with no dial tone. The biggest issue I have is with the ones that are currently working. The pan and tilt movement is horribly slow and it takes a solid minute to move from place to place across our venue. I have used both the patch provided inside of our console's library, as well as create my own custom patch. I am using an ETC SmartFade ML.

If anyone could help me with these problems it would be a big help.

Thanks and God Bless,
Taylor B.


  • DONLPDONLP Registered User
    Taylor, too many iussues to respond to here, seend me an email to and we can get this all straightened out ...
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