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Our Hog 3 loses its network adapter after it has been powered on for some time. If I switch it on it normally works for some time, maybe hours. Once it did loose connection to DP during rehearsal. Easiest way to reproduce this fault is to reboot after desk has been on for few hours. After adapter is lost it won´t be found again before long cooling time, but on the next day it starts up normally again.

In controlpanel network tab it shows that mac adress is 00 00 00 00 00 00, ip adress is, link state is down, hog net adapter is grayed and says eth0. Also Rx&Tx packets is 0.

Full install of 3.2.6 has been done but no change in behaviour.

I have understood that network adapter is integrated in motherboard. Is there anything else to check before ordering new motherboard?



  • Hello,

    What are you connecting too?

    This does sound like a mother board issue. And there will not be much to check. Unfortunately with that custom MB, it is sort of a pain to repair and very expensive to replace. Check the cost before replacing, you may find that you can almost purchase a New Hog 4 Series console for the cost of replacement Hog 3 MB

    If you want to send in for repair, http://www.highend.com/forms/rma/

  • Harri PeltonenHarri Peltonen Registered User
    Thanks for reply,

    This I was afraid of. There is nothing else connected in Hog3 but DP8000.

    Price for Hog 3 mother board is hilarious. 10000$!!!!!
    Problem is that we have 3 pcs of Hog 3 and also 3 pcs DP8000. If we go to Hog 4 that means 3 pcs Hog 4! One thing when going from Hog 3 to Hog 4 is that Hog 4 has internal DP8000. At our stages network is done so that wired and wireless hognet is found at all necessary places and DP8000 is in dimmer room at dmx&artnet patch rack. If we change to Hog 4 we still have to keep old DP8000´s and our Hog 3 consoles become useless.

    Because of HES´s strange spare part policy our only hope is to find used Hog 3 for reasonable price. I wonder what they do with their overpriced spare parts when buying them is not option for anybody?

    All the best,

  • Yeah, admittedly so the Hog 3 Mother board is expensive, which is why I caution those considering replacement today. Its the down side to CUSTOM mother boards.

    The DP8Ks will continue to work fine with HOG 4.

    Send me an email paul.hancock(at)barco(dot)com
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