Output on light converse regarding fixtures

Hi, I am trying to program with the hog 4 PC on one monitor and see with light converse on the other. This has not been a problem and I have been doing so, there was connection, everything is patched correctly, the output of the hog is saying it is outputting correctly. All was good. I come today and see the output of my fixtures are not correct in terms of you can't see what is happening unless I look at the opposite wall. Even without the hog connected it still does not visualize properly. I tried restarting lc, hog 4 and even my computer. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

I am using slimpar pros, color force 72 48 channel and color force 72 3ch. They respond to being told color, intensity, and effect, just not looking directly at the fixture.


  • Lorna12007Lorna12007 Registered User
    Finally asked the light converse tech support and they told me I needed to update my software and now all is good!
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