Library request: Chauvet Colorband pix 7ch

Hi Guys.

We have a HOG3 iPC, and lack the library for some chuavet fixtures. I've looked at the ftp-server, but they haven't the colorband pix library, only the other ones - the "pix mini" and the "pix-m 10ch".
I've also sent library request by email, several times - with all info included, just be be sure that the first mail wasn't overlooked.
hog libraries (at) --> no response, other than standard respons (it might up to take 3 weeks, etc)

Can anybody help?



  • new_glownew_glow Registered User
    forgot the important stuff;)

    ViewPower = VIEW_POWER_LED30W
    ViewAnglePan = 120
    ViewAngleTilt = 120
    ViewAngleBeam = 16
    ViewReversePan = FALSE
    ViewReverseTilt = FALSE
    ViewReverseDimmer = FALSE
    ViewReverseIris = FALSE
    ViewColor = 0

    Channel = red

    Channel = green

    Channel = blue

    Channel = color_macro
    no_function,0,15 Color Macros,16,255

    Channel = strobe_effect
    no_function,0,15 strobe,16,255

    Channel = rgb
    no_function,0,31 Pulse effect 0~100%,32,63 Pulse effect 100~0%,64,95 Pulse effect 100~0~100%,96,114 Auto fade,115,159 Auto snap (3 color),160,191 Auto snap (7 color),192,223 Sound mode,224,255

    Channel = dimmer
  • Hello,

    The official response this it can take up to 7 days to turn around a request. And I believe you did get a reply. 8->
  • new_glownew_glow Registered User
    Yes, I did=)
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