Wholehog II "Ran out of effect memory"

Hi @ all,

I build a QL of about 40 Cues where about 15 of them had an color effect for some LED-sticks (128 3-Ch fixtures in the Wholehog).
The error message above first came up after I recorded 13 or 14 cues with effect in the QL. The cue was saved and worked with no problems. When I recorded the next cue with effect to this QL the message came up again.
It ran the show for 2 days without a problem, but while saving the show to disk, I got the message, that this QL couldn't be saved to the disk. So I had to skip the file.

Anyone knows what to change in the show, that this message won't come up again and how is it possible to save to disk?


  • You might want to try a Clean Start.

    Power OFF the Console.
    Hold either the PIG Buttong OR the ENTER Button Down while powering On the console.
    You should get menu with one of the options being Clena Start.
    Select that option and press Enter.

    This will while the console's memory and show file. Make sure you have a back up on a floppy.

    Hope this helps,
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