Road Hog Full Boar 3 / External Monitor

Have a Road Hog Full Boar running v3.26 (b3434) and would like to use a Dell s2240T Touchscreen with it. Is this possible? After several attempts of getting the monitor to function, however with no touch. I Purchased an iomega usb2.0 to vga external video adapter and would like to know if i'm wasting my time trying to get this to work or not. Have tried the suggested resolutions of 1280x1024 on the box the card came in. The Monitor does work however the touch does not, was suggested to get the monitor to work then turn console off plug in usb and restart.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


  • Hello,

    The Hog 3 OS was limited in the external touch screens that could be used. The list of compatible ELO touch screen can be found in the manual. I have included that list here:

    17" ET1725L-7CWF-1-G AccuTouch 2216 series
    17" ET1725L-7UWF-1 Accutouch 3000 series
    17" ET1739L-8CWA-3-G IntelliTouch 2700 series
    12" ET1229L-7UWA-1 Accutouch 3000 series
    12" ET1215L-7CWA-1-G AccuTouch 1000 Series
    12" ET1229L-8UWA-1 IntelliTouch 2500 Series
    12" ET1229L-7CWA-1-ZBD-G AccuTouch 2216 series
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