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Hi all
i have this project for a permanent installation and the main request is a dmx desk that you can programme light cues that can also trigger special sound effects.
They ask for a turn key solution , so that means i have to propose also the device they have to use for playing these audio tracks and how to enter the timecode into the desk and connect a light cue with the specific audio track.
I think i need to use one LTC WIDGET and depends on the budget from HOG4PC to ROADHOG4.
but i dont know the rest configuration and how actually this must be set up, and the procedure to get the prefered result.
if anyone has done something like that before i would really apreciate any info that could give me some help.


  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    You could find a replay device that takes MIDI and use a MIDI string to fire the sounds effects. You could also use something along the lines of QLab3 to take a MIDI string to playback the sound effects.
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    Thanks for the input, but the test is not really necessary as the results of moving the fader are clearly shown in the DMX window and already mentioned above.
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