V2.4 comment macro firing marco's w screen POS fun

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we have 3 macros that get fired via comment macros in cue lists that have screen interactions. When running our console and backup setup to track each other(net num 1 for both) the macros start to fire but once they get to the step to screen press park, unpark or command key page forward they stop. The parks you can see it trying to press on the screen well above the park button. V2.3 the macros worked fine in this setup.

Setup: Full boar 4 and laptop running Hog4 networked as tracking back up

Thoughts or ideas?

Quick edit: Tried the setup subbing my laptop for the company one and the macros worked fine. differences between machines:
OS: one running win7 enterprise, other win8.1 pro
Screen res: 1600X900(macros dont work) 1920X1080P

besides those there are different processors, HD's and RAM but I don't think that would cause something like this. I'm stabbing at native screen res being the culprit but the setup worked fine in V2.3.

Rolling the systems back isn't an option as we've already updated/added bits to all of our shows :-(


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Our Macro's go by screen coordinates so unfortunately they will not work between platforms as the screens are different sizes.
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