Request - Console lock changes?

REQUEST - Wondering about other people's thoughts on this?

I would like to request that the console (when locked) to relaunch into an unlocked state, as it states in the manual.
Currently, it relaunches into a locked state and the only way to unlock without code is to reinstall the software and erase the show file(s).

I've had 2 trouble calls in the past month, from operators locking console when going to lunch, and returning to find that the default had been changed by a previous show. Our consoles move around the country quite a bit to lots of different operators with varying degrees of ability. Currently, you have to remember to dig into the settings to make sure the code is still the default before you lock.

Actually my preference would be like the Hog2 style, where you got a prompt every time you locked, (the Yamaha digital audio boards are like this too). This seems more intuitive.

Also, I've seen people go to hit 'quit' and fat-finger it and accidentally hit 'Lock' right next to it.
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