Possibility to Change Playback bar priority to faders


My suggestion would be that you can have option to switch between playback bars or change priority between playback bars on faders!

For example:
If you have a primary playback bar with cuelists (color, beam, INT-spot, wash, moles ...- primary playback bar) and second playback bar with cuelists (haze, fog, worklights ...- secondary playback bar)

So if I want to adjust the level of haze or house lights I could only changed priority from the Primary playback bar (show cues) bar to secondary playback bar!

Example: With keys PIG+OPEN+Next page or PIG+FAN+Next page or FAN+Next page!

Grand Master must follow the changing playback bar and also must change the level of values ​​for each playback bar.

I would like to add that it would be good to preserve the color of the cuelist from the cuelist window to the playback bar

I hope that you understand and like my request!


  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Are you basically saying, when you have multiple playback bars stacked above the main playback bar, you want to be able to link the physical faders to any one of the playback bars?

    If so, I like this idea.
  • piticpitic Registered User
    Yes, this is my idea!

    Now with motorised fader this would be an excellent feature!

    I would like to add two pictures but do not know where can I attached it!
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