Programming Issue with Palletes

Hi All,

A bit of background first I'm an experienced Hog 2 programmer who has spent the past 5-6 years programming Grand MAs and now I'm going back to the program some Hog 4s.

The rig I'm programming has a mix of GLP Volkslicht ( similar to a Mac 101 ) , Ma700 profile, Mac 700 washes, and Mac 301's
I'm having issues recording color palettes. I select all the fixtures and dial in a color ( for this example magenta & yellow to make a Red ) and then record it to a color pallette and replay it The MAc 700 profiles go Red , The Mac 301's are pink/magenta and the Volks and mac 700 washes are white.

This behaviour happens on the console and Hog 4 PC.

On every other console I have used when you record a palette it records every thing you see.

I can get it to work if I record and merge each of the parameters together individually or use the "record type" function on the tool bar that becomes visible when you hit record.

Am I missing something, or is this sort sort of character that is meant to enhance my programming technique

Thanks in advance


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