Widget won't show up in Hog2PC config + device manager won't recognize USB

Using Win7. Having to transfer PCs because the old XP box is having boot up issues.

Downloaded Hog2, got it up and running, loaded previous show file. Only thing is that it won't work because the Hog's DMX to USB interface, i.e. hardware/widget won't appear in the software's config screen.

Tried everything possible to locate a driver- to no avail. Why is there not a driver built into the software itself? Can someone post a link to the driver? Is the problem because of Windows 7?


  • Hog 2PC is NOT officially supported on Win 7. USE WITH CAUTION.

    However, one thing you might try is download Hog 3PC v3.1.9. Allow the computer to install the USB drivers for the widget and and then try launching Hog 2PC and configuring the widget.

    Hope this helps,
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