Osc issue

I'm trying to input osc from another piece of software and keep getting a "error dissecting osc packet: 3"

I have the command for hog typed out in in the software ("/hog/playback/go", 0,145.1 )but the osc out monitor in the software shows a change of 0,145.1 to 0.00 145.10


  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    The error from Hog4 means it thinks your arguments are malformed. The address (/hog/...) might be correct but the rest of the osc packet looks like noodle soup. In other words, the software used on the sending side is not sending valid OSC packets, it is sending noodle soup (chicken perhaps). If it was me I'd send a wireshark trace of the output "from another piece of software" back to its creator for fixing.
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