Hog 500 patching issue

socalldsocalld Registered User
I inherited a HOG 500 for one of the clubs I work at. I wiped it clean (bc I moved it from a newly renovated room to one that will not be renovated and is currently to my horror running their fixtures on CompuShow) but when I go to patch the fixtures (of which are in its library) I do step by step as per the manual and when I hit "ok" for the patch the screen goes back to the patch window but nothing actually...patches...anyone know how and/or if I can fix it?

Thank you in advance!


  • It sounds like when you hit 'OK' you are still working in the 'Add Fix' menu..? This is where you add a quantity of fixtures you are using. This is not patching them.

    Once you add the qty. of fixture you are using, you would use the syntax of 1 @ 1 Enter. This would patch Fixture 1 at DMX Channel 1

    Hope this helps
  • socalldsocalld Registered User
    I will definitely go back and make sure I'm in the correct menus when I patch. I'm pretty sure I was doing just that but I'm really hoping it was operator error. I have been quite spoiled for quite some years with newer digital consoles, I came into the game just as the 500 was going out.

    Thank you!
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