Issues with the Fixture Builder, 3 Questions:

Hey All, I've been trying to fix an issue with a particular fixture file not having all the features of the actual fixture, and I've been running into a couple problems. At the bottom of this post is an image of the error.

Its the TMB Solaris Flare, specifically the RGBW master strobe part. Channel 7 is Rate, Channel 8 is EFX, which is missing an entry for DMX 246-250 which I'm going to call Random Ramp

Problem 1) I get a "channel 7 was not asserted" error after adding the Random Ramp entry to channel 8, so I go ahead and follow the groove and add Random Ramp to channel 7, and now I get the same error but in channel 6 (pictured), and to me that makes no sense. What does this error mean? What is it looking for in channel 6? 6 is the duration channel and has nothing to do with anything.

Problem 2) The Real World values won't accept a decimal for me. I've been trying to match the entries that exist, but when I enter "0.1 > 10" it sets the value as "0Hz". I've also tried "0.1" Thru "10" with no change. Is there a trick?

Problem 3) I also tried starting from scratch and making my own, but I couldn't get the Color channels to start out at full. I added the same entries as what I see in the original files, including the inverted CMY channels, but no luck. The DMX window would show 0 for all the color channels until I touched the Hue wheel.

Thanks for the help everyone.



  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    It is best to email the protocol to with the information that is incorrect and we should be able to fix the library.

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