More Universes for a RH3

Ive got a friend who has a RH3 with a playback wing and we've been wondering if there is a way to get more than 4 universes out of it.. Is this possible at all?


  • If this is a Regular Roadhog 3, it is locked at 4 universes. It is not possible.
  • whitleyrichardwhitleyrichard Registered User, Hog Beta
    Thanks! And yes his is a regular RH3... Now myself, I'm in the market for a Hog3 or a RHFB3.. Which would you recommend? Pros and Cons??
  • I LOVE the Hog 3 Console. But parts are very expensive. It will realistically be more cost effective to go with the RHFB3 if you have to replace hardware.
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