Wholehog 3 - some problems

Hi all, I've bought a Wholehog 3 console. I really like working on it but I've some problems. At first I must ask about merging user created libraries from show to show - how to do it?

Secondly I must ask about HQ Power Sunstrip. I maded profile of it to the library. It has a 11 ch. On first channel i gived "Fixture Control" "Idle" and Dmx value is locked on 55 - on this value sunstrip is working on 10ch bulb control. Rest of the channels are "Sub Intensities 1,2,3..." And they have dmx from 0 to 255. Real from 0 to 100.

When I'm setting intensities od effects all is working perfectly. When I'm saving it on master something is going wrong - after clear, when I'm turning on effect or full intensity sunstrip it is turning on. But I can't turn it off.... Just by release on Main master. (On normal master play and pause are "skip forward and skip back". It is no reacting for blackout, grand master Down, fader down... Just flash is working. Anyone can help me?

And on end simply question - how to randomise head move? Just by offset or here is other way to do it?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Without knowing the fixtures it is difficult to determine exactly.

    If the list is set to HTP, it will not Release as the fader physically remains up.

    If you put the Play and Pause buttons back to the default settings, does it help?

    Is the Programmer window, or a Cue Editor window open in the background? When the problem occurs, close every window such as directories, programmer etc., and if this is the case, once closed it will give you proper control.

    Does it allow you to make a cue that dims the fixtures? Does this work properly?

    Just a few things to start with and eliminate.

  • JackoBBobJackoBBob Registered User
    I'll check tomorrow, console is in magazine, About last thing that you said, on other master I've ACL and fader is working good, play and pause are setted same as on the sunstrip master, I have no used HTP, all from cuelist setting, without times, is set to deafult I think, but will check.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    I forgot to mention when closing the windows as described above, press Clear to clear the programmer as closing is not enough for the Programmer.

    You can also look in the Sources tab of the Output window. This will show where the values are coming from instead of the parameter values. It will show if another list or editor is open etc.

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