Easiest way to update from an very old version

HBonelloHBonello Registered User
Hi everyone!
I'm a Hog user from many years, but I started to work in a company that owns a RoadHog3 from at least 3 years, and IF it had been updated, it was done only once or twice!
The console was used so few times, maybe a half dozen of times, that even the CR2032 battery from the motherboard has dried out, and one of the monitors didn't work on stat-up because the bios wouldn't remember the settings.
Anyway, my question is if there is an easy way to upgrade the software from such an old version, straight to the latest, maybe from a full image disk installation...? I don't know if such thing is possible.
Also, I heard from a college that they have a Hog 3 (don't know witch Hog), running the new Hog 4 software, is it possible?
Could I skip everything in between and go to Hog 4 software?
I appreciate your help!


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