RHFB III Artnet Questions

cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
Can someone let me know how many universes can I control from a RHFB III directly from the console?
Is it capped at 12 or 8 total? Can't seem to find that piece of information anywhere.
I presume If i want to get more than the limit of the console amount of Artnet universes I need an external DP8000 and i manage
the additional Artnet universes from the network settings of the additional DP8000?

Regards Cormac


  • ArnieCeArnieCe Registered User
    Yes, you are right! The FB can output 12 universes in total via Art-Net or genuine DMX (by using USB widgets). If you need more, you have to expand your system by one or more DP8000s.

    See page 2/3 of this comparison: hog4.de/downloads/Hog4System_Comparison_EN.pdf
  • ArnieCeArnieCe Registered User
    Uh... Your question was concerning Full Boar THREE?! Sorry, I didn't read accurately and I still have to get used to the new layout of this board. - So forget about the Link!

    In general it's the same with the RHFB III. But regarding the limit of DMX universes I have different information as well. Some say 8 universes and some say 12. Unfortunately I cannot remember as it's been some time ago since I was working on a series 3 console.
  • The Roadhog FULL BOAR 3 supports 12 total Art-Net universes directly from the console. To expand beyond 12, you would need a DP8000.
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Thank you both,
    Discussion closed.

    Regards Cormac
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