Head Card Issue

sykesandrewsykesandrew Registered User
I have a DL3 with a blown fuse on the head card. Replaced the fuse and it blows immediately anyone have any idea what component(s) on the board could be causing the issue? I have tried disconnecting everything else from the board so it's certainly an issue on the board itself.


  • Chances are there is some short on the PCB. Just to confirm, have you tried swapping the head card with a known working fixture? this will make sure there is something on the board causing the issue, and not something on the fixture side. I would normally recommend sending the board to HES for eval./repair..
  • sykesandrewsykesandrew Registered User
    Yes I swapped a working head card into the unit and it worked fine. Definitely an issue on the head card.
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