IPCB fader with 2 cues?

inroyalinroyal Registered User
for Example: I have a cuelist with 2 cues. Cue 1 - Intensity sin; Cue 2 - intensity - step. I configure the fader as IPCB & persist on override. I start Cue 1 (intensity sin) and move the fader to 50% - OK. Intensities sin wave from 0-50% - if I push go (Cue 2 intensity step) the fader shows 50% but the output intensities show 0-100%. The fader gets non functional. I have to move the fader to 100% or to 0. After that the IPCB works on Cue 2. This has been an issue since Hog 3. is there any useful explaination for that behaviour?


  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited June 2014
    There has been a great deal of discussion recently in other threads about how the fader is being detached when Go is pressed on an IPCB fader. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as this is clearly bothering several users.
  • FarenFaren Registered User
    use for the Play-Button the option "Skip forward" an in properties for this Cuelist "Cue Only" then it works, I think.
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