Possible Roadhog 4 Fader Issue

LaLaLindyLightingLaLaLindyLighting Registered User
I hadn't noticed this before, because, frankly, I hadn't utilized this certain fader on the console yet. The problem is with a certain Fader, when I slide it from 100% to 70% it is fine, but then at 70% it drops the output of the stack immediately to 20% and will stay there until the actual fader reaches the 20% mark on the console and then will travel the rest of the way to zero normally. And the same is true on the way back up the fader. It is fine from 0-20 then stays at 20% until the fader reaches the 70% mark and then continues fine for 70-100. These aren't exact numbers either, it could happen at 71%. I'm just saying around that spot. I am assuming this hardware related unless I am not thinking about something.


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited June 2014
    Hello Jason,

    Please do the following:
    Sitting in Launcher
    Hit the Control Panel button
    Hit the Diagnostics button
    Hit the Test Control Surfaces button
    Test the fader in this test app

    Does the fader still act same?
    If it does then my guess would be you have a bad fader and would need to contact support to get a replacement.
  • LaLaLindyLightingLaLaLindyLighting Registered User
    Just an update. It was a bad fader. Thanks to Michael for helping with the troubleshooting and to Mitch in support for expediting a new one to me. It is replaced and works great now!
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