HOG 3 Crashings

Harding.marcHarding.marc Registered User
Good evening ladies and gents, i am having some serious issues with the :hogsign: III.

First problem is that the hog has been crashing and hanging on black screens, and that there is no control on the desk so the only way to get control of the desk at this point is to turn off from the mains and then turn back on. The desk is currently crashing within 3 minutes of the desk booting, it will load into hog and as i press a button to load a preset screen layout, all screens will go black and then the "it is now safe to turn off your console" message appears on screen.

Another issue that we are having with the desk is that all 10 choose buttons will flash 3 times wait 2 seconds and then repeat constantly. i have researched and if im correct this means there is loose connections on the main playback board. i have removed the front panel and have reseated all connections, as this error seems to appear randomly.

Another issue is that when you switch on the desk, the HOG III logo will appear as normal and then screens will go black as if console is going to boot and then the logo appears again and it just repeats over and over, only way to get it to boot at this point is to turn off and leave for a couple of minutes and then switch on again.

I have tried the following things. they have swapped out the power supply with a known working one and the problem still persisted. They have done a Full software install to see if it was a software problem and the problem is still persisting. Shawn and Anna the previous light tech had replaced the PSU Distribution board as there was a problem with that.

Here is a link to some videos that i have managed to capture of the problems that i am getting.

It is running 3.2.6

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.


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    Hi Marc,

    I received your email as well. I will be replying to that email shortly.

    Thank you,
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi, jumping to Now Safe to Turn Off, may be the hard drive failing, I have seen that. Also the Power Distribution PCB may be contributing but you mention this has been replaced. The Processor PCB may also be the problem but the Hog logos show it is at least booting up partially. it is difficult to determine exactly without having the console to test.

    The flashing Front Panel LEDs indicates it has power but not signal from the Processor PCB. The Processor PCB may not be booted up completely. This may be cables to a problem with one of the PCBs.

    I would start with the hard drive.
  • Harding.marcHarding.marc Registered User
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    Awesome thanks gents, will swap out the HDD tomorrow.

    yeah the PSU distribution board was replaced just before i joined the company.

  • Harding.marcHarding.marc Registered User
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    i have swapped out the HDD this morning and have tested for 3 hours and i have been getting the same issue still.

    occasionally it will just loop on the hog 3 loading screen. so this issue is still happening even with a new HDD.

    and it is still "crashing". the reason i say it like that is because is as soon as the desk has loaded fully i opened the processes window using pig+open+backspace and then the screens went black as normal leaving the process screen up and they all said running. it did not indicate any process crashing and then a few seconds later the "it is now safe to turn off the console" appeared.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Marc, it may be the Processor PCB having a problem and shutting down the console. We have seen the hard drive, and Power Distribution PCB cause the Safe To Power Down message to appear. As they have been replaced it is more than likely the Processor PCB.
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