How to fix a formatted rom?

TimmynatorTimmynator Registered User

I bought a wholehog II som weaks ago, with the touch funktion broken, everything else was working great, I could not find the problem with the screens touch sensors so i did a trick a LD told me

to hold the first 4 choose buttons, and then powering on the desk to erase the software, and i was hoping it would re-read it from a floppy... but no its dead

the desk now just start flashing with all the leds (like with the ribbon cable disconnected) so my systems is not booting

how do i load the software in the rom? i got the floppies, but im missing som key combination or something

and by the way, the touchscreen problem, is it common? the screens work but the touch funktion is dead

i have a hog1000 up and running, if i need to maybee swap som chip or something

and one last question, is it possible to use two expansion wings? the wing does have one Female and Male connection, daisychain?

sorry for som odd language, Swedish is my main
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