which touch technology for outdoor use with nano hog 4?

madpixelmadpixel Registered User
Hello guys,

I am planning to buy a nano Hog 4 with a 24" Elo touch monitor.

I saw the model 2440L and there are different versions depending on the touch technology:

IntelliTouch Plus
iTouch Plus
Projected capacitive

What do you think the best technology for outdoor use with the nano hog 4?


  • madpixelmadpixel Registered User
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    Is the multi-touch supported by the Hog 4 PC? It makes sense to purchase a multi-touch monitor?
  • madpixelmadpixel Registered User
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    I try to answer my first question:

    the IntelliTouch and iTouch technologies work both with acoustic wave, of course a rock band few metres from the monitor won't give any problem to it.
    The projected capacitive is the same tecnologie of the smartphone and give the same feeling, of course is multi-touch .

    The Intelli Touch Plus and iTouch Plus are multi-touch and the difference between these two technologies is that the first has the bezel, the second no.

    I think that if the Hog 4 PC supports or will support multi touch, the Intelli Touch Plus is what I need.

    In any case, these monitors are not designed for outdoors use because they have not enough brightness for use it in daylight hours especially with sun.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    I can not say what monitor will be best for outdoor use.
    Currently the H4OS does not support multi-touch but this is on our list to add.
  • madpixelmadpixel Registered User
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    happy to read that the software will support the multi-touch.

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