Unsure about moving to a Hog 3 setup.

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Hey everyone,

I hope this is ok to post this question here. Right now our company is getting into small-mid size lighting setups. We are currently using Chauvet Showxpress, as our lighting setups are growing. I feel the need as i want to physically have controls are my fingertips vs having to just midi-map scenes, colors, and stuff I've made in the software. One of the problems I'm having is with showxpress (SX). If i sell,rent fixtures and add them into our shows, i can't easily remove them or move around fixtures without having reprogram everything so if i has 10 fixtures and they all took up 1 channel, I get rid of the 4th and 5th fixture, i can just move 6-10 down the DMX chain to 4, i'd lose all my programming.

I haven't found any good videos online of the programming aspect of a hog system, specially when it comes to moving fixtures and different movement patterns, I don't know if thats something thats available inside Hog3, with SX I'm able to grab a bunch of mover and create shape/patterns and then just generate all the movements. How does it work inside a hog system?

I'm sorry for the newb questions, I've watched a handful of videos online just looking for anyone thats come from a simple DMX software and moved to a larger system.

Here is some of our recent setups:


My goal would be i'd like to be able to grab group of fixtures on the fly and be able to control them live and just have an overall more control of our lights.

Thank you for your help!


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