[Request] Encoder Wheel Option for Double Click

kmontagnekmontagne Registered User
In the Preferences-> Programming window there are options for setting the function to be performed when the grey encoder wheel button is pressed. It would be nice if there was a 2nd function that could optionally be chosen if the gray button was double-clicked. Out of the 5 options the Cycle Feature Mode and Set would make the most sense for a double-action.

If this feature was available I would set the function to Fine for holding it down and pressing the wheel and Cycle Feature Mode for a double-click. Another way that would allow me to do specifically what I want would be to have the single click (press & release) for Fine mode cycle through the feature modes. It would still have the function it does today if holding it down while turning the wheel.

I am not sure if the underlying HogOS performs the function on button press or button release. If it was on release the Fine function could be the option for whenever the button is held down and the wheel is turned. It is the only option of the 5 that requires holding the button down.

In the end I like the easy one hand Fine control using the grey button. I change the function mode a lot and having to reach up to touch the screen slows things down. There are several of the modes I wished defaulted to different ordering. For example I rarely use Index for a gobo but I use <> (rotate) all the time. That has always confused me as to why that order.

Kevin Montagne
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