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eqrunnereqrunner Registered User
Is there a quick and easy way to fan say 36 RGB LED fixtures from Orange to Lite blue? Aka, across the color wheel. (Or Pink to Green).

Using the color picker wheel. Holding down fan, and adjusting the Saturation will get you from Orange to White. With shades in between. If you adjust with the HUE wheel, Yes you do get from Orange to Lite Blue, but it will span across with pink and purple (or yellows and greens if you go the other way).

Is there an easy way to do it this using the fan option. Or will I just have to do it the old fashion time consuming way of picking each fixture and adjusting?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    It will probably be easier to manually dial in the colors. Using HSI for example, as you noticed will bring up unwanted colors when using Fan as all CMY channels are moving at the same time. You may want to manipulate the individual CMY channels when using fan.

    For example if you want to use fan you can try the following but it may also bring up unwanted colors but maybe less so.

    For example
    Set all fixtures to 50% CYAN, Use FAN with the START option and rotate until fix 1 is 100% and maybe fixture 24-36 at 0, this is just an example, actual values and fixtures may need to be altered. Not having Cyan in 25-36 will get rid of the blue and allow the orange to come in.

    For example, step 2
    Set all fixtures to 60% Magenta and 100% Yellow and do the same as above except use FAN with the END option selected. Maybe have fix 36 at the 60% Mag and 100% Yellow down to 0 at Fix 1-13 for example. You may want the Magenta to come in a few fixtures before the yellow.

    Some experimenting is more than likely necessary. This may or may not be exactly what you want and I think manually setting the colors will probably give better results.
  • eqrunnereqrunner Registered User
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    That is what I figured. Maybe it would be a feature in the future that you can put marks on the color wheel, or be able to draw a line on how you want the color fan to look like.
  • jkemblejkemble Registered User, HES Staff
    If I understand the question correctly you want the colors fanned through the center of the color wheel. To do this, open the Colour Picker (HS color wheel) and set the first half of your fixtures to one endpoint, then set the second half of your fixtures to the other endpoint, then hold the Set key and tap on the Saturation wheel and enter 100 Thru 0 Thru 100. This programs the desired colors at each end of the fixture selection, fading through white in the middle. Again, this only works if you want to go through the center of the color wheel (white).
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